Ultimate Resistance

BBI Friction Piles have been stringently tested for over 3 years!  

BBI, in conjunction with DiGioia Gray Inc. and Churches Engineering & Consulting, designed and tested everything from the bolts, galvanization, steel stress, and ultimate resistance capabilities against the forces of Uplift, Compression, Over Turning Moment, and Shear.

Bolt Reports, Galvanization Reports, and the Friction Pile Strength Reports are available upon request.

Prioprietary Analytical Software


BBI  uses a finite element to engineer and design Friction Piles to safely and securely support any top structure!

BBI Software analyzes everything from the nominal thread, length, spacing, of the mechanical fasteners to the width, length, thickness, bend degree, base plate, bolt circle, and grade of steel necessary for the project 


BBI Experienced Professionals

Frontier Steel, a Division of Samuel, Son & Co.


John Matig, President of Frontier Steel, procures the steel, squares and drills the holes for the Friction Pile with the Kinetic K5000.  The Kinetic K5000 is a Heavy-duty Combination Plasma/Oxy Fuel Cutting & Machining Center to its shop floor. Its 151” x 600” workspace squares and drills precision holes into the Friction Pile.

DiGioia Gray Consulting Engineers & Scientist


DiGioia Gray Inc. (DGI) has over 50 years of experience in structural and civil engineering and geotechnical services. DGI utilizes high-end FAD tools, combined with full scale load test results, to develop innovative foundation solutions. BBI works closely with Mr. Phil Glogowski, Senior P.E. and Dr. Cathy Bazan-Arais, Senior P.E., Section President of the American Society of Civil Engineers and 2015 Engineer of the Year.

Churches Engineering & Consulting


Charles Churches, P.E. is an expert in steel and its structural integrity.  Mr. Churches brings steel expertise and engineering consulting on deep foundations, multi-story buildings, and parking garages for BBI.  Churches Engineering holds an invaluable Structural II License for DOT projects.